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The Client

Established in 1864, Wrexham Association Football Club holds the title of being the oldest club in Wales and ranks as the third oldest professional association football team worldwide. Currently, the team actively participates in the English Football League.

In 2020, Wrexham AFC were bought by Hollywood Stars, Ryan Reynolds and Rob McElhenney who wanted to turn Wrexham into a ‘global force”.

The Challenge

In 2021, following investment from Rob and Ryan, Wrexham AFC approached Ellison Marketing for a fast and reliable e-commerce website that had the capacity to accommodate high volumes of traffic and transactions.

They wanted a sleek, user-centric design that offered optimal functionality across desktop and mobile devices which would enhance the overall shopping experience for their customers.

Our Approach

Recognising the potential support and custom the Hollywood Actors would bring to the club, we opted for a dedicated hosting environment to ensure maximum website speed and optimal performance.  Given that the majority of their target audience would access the site via mobile devices, we prioritised mobile optimisation.

Enhancing the website’s user experience was paramount so we devised solutions tailored to meet the needs of fans by reviewing online forums.  One notable initiative involved streamlining the checkout process to expedite purchases.

Throughout the project, we implemented various upgrades to bolster technical capabilities and accommodate increasing demand. We have had regular consultations with the CEO and Retail Manager and ensured alignment with strategic objectives. Additionally, we have provided ongoing support for e-commerce operations via account management services.

Our guidance extended to advising on launch day management and implementing third-party solutions to enhance functionality and performance.

Ensuring an exceptional website experience was our top priority and we continue to support Wrexham AFC with their marketing activities every step of the way!