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The Client

Space Wales have established a Space Wales Leadership Group to shape the outputs for delivering a new space strategy for Wales and are committed to the long-term development of the growth strategy for Wales. The group liaise with the other devolved administrations, UK Government, Local Authorities, the UK Space Agency, Aerospace Growth Partnership & Defence Group Partnership etc. which help to reinforce that Wales’s strategy compliments the aspirations of the UK as a whole.

The Challenge

Following the success of the Aerospace Wales website, we were approached by our client to create a second website that focused on Space Wales. The client wanted to help the UK achieve a 10% share of the global space sector through recruiting existing members of their Aerospace Wales organisation. They were looking to create their online presence with a modern, responsive website that was simple to navigate and informative to a variety of leading Welsh aerospace contractors and organisations.

Our Approach

It was important for the client that the website wasn’t text heavy, and it needed to be populated with informative brochures, case studies and resources.

To make sure the website was informative and visually creative, our team designed multiple digital brochures as well as produced and edited an informative video to explain the benefits of partnering with Space Wales. The video was to be a focal point of the website and continues to receive many views from the target audience.