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Lead Generation and Appointment Setting.

Ellison Marketing provides professional internal Business to Business telesales, and appointment setting for a range of businesses seeking new clients.


With an expert marketing team to hand on a daily basis to support our telesales team our campaigns are proven more successful and achieve a higher returns on investment than telemarketing base firms with no marketing based infrastructure.


At Ellison Marketing we do not rely on scripts for our calls. We focus on making sure our team of sales professionals have the correct amount of knowledge about who they are calling for in order to engage them in conversation. Focusing on lead generation, we want to pinpoint opportunities that will be beneficial to you and your company.


With over 10 years experience delivering Telesales campaigns it’s likely we have already worked in or around your target market.


We offer an online Appointment Management tool that helps us stay in contact with your sales team!

Telesales | Wrexham | Chester | Colwyn Bay | Liverpool

Appointments made for your sales team.

Telesales | Wrexham | Chester | Colwyn Bay | Liverpool

Call reports sent at the end of each day.

Telesales | Wrexham | Chester | Colwyn Bay | Liverpool

An Online Management communication tool.


The most important part.


We know businesses need to achieve return on investment if they are to make a long-term investment into telesales.


We understand this and love setting targets to prove ourselves to you. As such, we are happy to enter into trial campaigns to show you exactly what we can do.


Everything we do is entirely measurable and we can provide you with the necessary statistical data to show you exactly how each part of your marketing strategy is performing.

What our clients say

  • Just wanted to say thanks to Ellison Marketing for all of their efforts to put us infront of the people we need to do business with. The team enabled us to increase the number of leads into our business and I was very pleased with the professional service and results. I look forward to working with you again in the future.

  • Mike and his team at Ellison Marketing have provided us over the last few years with an extremely professional, cost-effective and successful route to prospective clients and we regard their work for us as an integral part of our success. I would have no hesitation in recommending them to other companies.

  • We worked with Ellison Marketing for more than a year and they provided us with high-quality telemarketing services. This has allowed us to keep a consistent flow of sales leads into blue-chip organisations from which we have generated new business. I would recommend them to any company looking to develop new business.

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